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Our customers are ALWAYS our voice

"We endeavour to use Evergreen Outdoor Educational Toys whenever we can. The quality is outstanding, their attention to tiny details makes the products amazing. Our children love them. The mud kitchen we have will last a lifetime. I can’t wait to save up a bit and buy a book hive and water wall next. Thank you Evergreen for producing such child friendly equipment."  Whickham Parochial Pre School

Our service is as simple as A B C

A is for ABSOLUTE Truth

Mud Kitchen ideas

Children LEARN through PLAY and this is  ABSOLUTE truth. Equipping your PLAY environments with beautiful and challenging resources is what we do best.

B is for BEST Value


Our aim is to provide you with the BEST possible  outdoor toys offering exceptional quality without breaking the bank. 

C is for CHILDREN First

Outdoor play in early years Little boy on

CHILDREN thrive outdoors.  Never before have children been so disconnected with their natural surroundings. We are determined to help turn the tide.

See what we have Hatched over the Years

Mud Kitchen PLAY

Mud Kitchen Ideas and Kids Garden Ideas  and gender neutral toys

Mud kitchens are places where children experience real life contexts with a huge dash of imagination.

Sand and Water PLAY


Exploring water is a joy for little folk. Our outdoor toys bring challenge and exploration to the wonder of water.

Construction PLAY


Mechanical components and magnetic forces captivate the minds of little engineers and scientists.

Science and Nature


Children are naturally curious about their world, they thirst for Knowledge and Understanding. Exploration develops understanding. Simples.

Activity Tables


Children LOVE their very own size playground equipment and who would know an Evergreen Activity Table is exactly that!

Music and Words

Music and words reading ideas

Recognising sounds is key to early reading skills. When sounds and words are seen as PLAY then learning happens.

World Kitchens


Mud kitchen ideas from around the world.  Explore culture and cuisine in a mudlicious way!

Agility Time


Allowing little people to take big steps will help them develop self awareness and confidence.

What's missing?


We will do our very best to provide 'one offs'. If it's not on the website, give us a call and see what can be done.

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