Hi from the Outdoor Tribe

We are excitable little bunch of people who LOVE creativity


Jools is a retired Head teacher and stepped sideways to support her family during some trying times. It was a happy accident eventually as she is now delighted and passionate with this little Evergreen world.  Evergreen's service to children and adults alike is second to none. 'When you LOVE going to work, you know you are doing something right.  Creating and developing new ideas to help little people make the most of their early years is a joy and privilege.  Whenever we are commissioned to create something new we get giddy and can't wait to get stuck in. Understanding HOW children learn and develop is a huge advantage in our approach to design and this is the unique value I bring to the tribe'.

We are super experienced and skilled in teaching and building


Peter is an exemplified kitchen designer and fitter and was a trouble shooter for some of the major kitchen fitting organisations. Health threw him a curve ball, slowed him down but didn't dampen his spirits. Before kitchen fitting Peter was an Advanced City & Guilds Cabinet Maker so his understanding of carcass construction and ergonomics is pretty sharp. 'Seeing Jools passion for excellence in her teaching career inspired me keep going, dig deep and reinvent myself. We talked about scaling down from adult sized kitchens to child sized kitchens.  I knew they were good for children by how much Jools raved about learning through PLAY.  So I built our first mud kitchen five years ago and the trail was set.' Look how far we have come! 

And very happy to tackle almost anything as long as it gets little people outdoors


Joseph is the pup in the tribe, he is the one who comes up with creative solutions to widen our product range.  Jospeh worked with Peter as a kitchen fitter for a long time and was a great inspiration and imaginative solution focussed person. Just what we needed to complete the outdoor tribe. He is the anchor in our sometimes turbulent design seas and brings the youth perspective to us older ones!  'I have loved watching my parents reinvent themselves and love their passion to do all things well, this is how they raised me, so the sensible thing was to hone my skills with theirs and join them on the Evergreen journey, best thing I ever did'.  

You are very welcome to our little piece of the world

We are so excited to share this space with you and hopefully give you a little insight as to why we do what we do. Many of you already know us at Evergreen Outdoor Education, 'welcome back' and 'hello' to our gorgeous newbies. We call our resources EGToys™ simply because our Evergreen Toys are skilfully designed and created to get little people  outdoors all year round.  

Beyond getting children outdoors for longer we are committed to being kind  to our earth. We only use carefully sourced non homogenous FSC timbers (FSC Forest Stewardship Council materials).  This means the wood is from sustainable and managed forests.  We are fully committed to outlaw non recyclable plastics too.

Our hand built resources are authentic rustic and quite natural looking.  No two resources will be exactly the same, isn't that cool, every EGtoy is a one off!  EGtoys will move and change with time and weather but they will not perish. 

Today anything is possible and children have opportunities many of us could never have imagined not so long ago.  However they also live in a time where childhood health is a concern especially around obesity and knowledge and experience of their natural world is at an all time low.  At Evergreen we are determined to do our bit in turning this tide. 

Children LOVE and NEED to be outdoors.   Our Toys are designed for The LOVE of OUTDOOR PLAY.

Natural Materials

Natural woods do vary in colour and grain.

Evergreen Outdoor Toys are rustic toys designed to be pummelled with dirt, rocks, mud and various ideas the children may have. Durability and longevity is key, and there will be variations in appearance. That said they will always be MADE with LOVE, look beautiful and get the job done!  We advise you gently sand and oil your resources should they begin to look tired.