Little Builders and Mechanics

Mechanics Board £195

MAgnet Toy ideas gender neutral toys

Our Mechanics Board provides the right amount of challenge physically and cognitively as well as being an extremely versatile resource.

Magnetic Wall £289

Magnet Toy Ideas outdoor play

Our double sided Magnetic Board brings form and function to any learning environment.  Children are naturally drawn to magnetic forces.

Workbench from £349

PlaySkool toys woodwork bench

Our real workbenches have made their way into nurseries, workshops and schools all over the globe and not without good reason.

Giant Balance scales £179


A most fascinating piece of playground equipment for little people.  Let them explore BALANCE and PLAY together.

Tool Kits £48

Gender neutral toys

Children should explore real tools and we promote using real tools. When children are well supported and supervised real tools are the only option.  

Mechanics Kits £45

Gender neutral toys Outdoor play ideas

Whether you are replacing your original Mechanics Board kit or just purchasing one for children to explore, we have got them right here for you.

Natural Materials

Natural woods do vary in colour and grain.

EGToys™ are rustic toys designed to be pummelled with dirt, rocks, mud and various ideas the children may have. Durability and longevity is key, and there will be variations in appearance. That said they will always be MADE with LOVE and look beautiful.

The EGToy™ Mechanics Board £195

Gender neutral toys Kids Garden Ideas mini mechanics

So what is an EGToy™ Mechanics Board

It's a fine motor skills riot, it's invention, it's creativity, it's engineering, it's mechanics, it's joining, fixing, twisting and fastening, it's a little mechanics dream come true. It's collaboration and team skills.

Where there is a hole a Child will stick something through it!

Are we right or are we right?  Children just LOVE to fiddle, poke, fix, connect, disconnect, twist, pull, turn and then do it all again.  This EGToy™ is where loose parts meet vast minds and is designed to develop children's eye hand coordination  as well as developing their cognitive thinking skills. 

Beautiful resources adds Value to Children's Learning

Our beautiful crafted Engineers Board provides the right amount of challenge physically and cognitively. As always, beautifully and robustly built with children in mind. Mini mechanics and engineers alike will LOVE getting to grips portable board. The board is a superb vehicle for developing collaboration skills.   Older children LOVE this EGToy™ too.

Physical Development

Given that it takes 25 muscles to hold and use a pen effectively, children need oodles of access to large and small motor skill development.  We designed this EGToy™ with those physical needs in mind.  Children are fascinated by the concept of fastening and loosening, just watch them with that bunch of car keys!  So this board id designed to embrace that need and fulfil it meaningfully.  

What You can Expect from Us

As with all our EGtoys™ you will receive a unique well thought out and beautifully crafted resource which will last years and years and of course MADE with LOVE.

Unique Features

  • Comes loaded with over £50 worth of bolts, wing nuts, washers, nuts, pulley wheels, rubber bands and hand carved wooden blocks
  • Absolutely solid build to withstand the most dedicated engineers and builders!
  • Take your Mechanics Board wherever you like with a simple carry handle
  • Comes ready assembled and measures 97cm (l) x 50 cm (d) x 63cm (h) and weighs 12kg

Your Buy Me Now price includes UK Mainland Delivery. If you live further afield give us a call to arrange alternative shipping. T. 01207 544867

A thorough review from Andi Turner


Andi is an outstanding Childcare Professional, Mentor, Blogger and Toy Reviewer...

"So, what might at first glance seem like very much a mathematically focused resource is very much a holistic resource. It covers every single area of learning and development, promotes every single characteristic of effective learning and it’s a pure asset to our provision. Worth every single penny. (comes fully assembled and including delivery)."

Read the whole review

The EGToy™ Magnetic Wall £289

Magnet Toy Ideas  outdoor play

What is an EGToy™ Magnetic Wall

It's science it's exploration, it's wonder, it's wow, it's anything you want it to be, it's spelling, writing, sounding out, numbers, shape space & measure, experiential learning​ AND addresses 'Forces' beautifully.  All in one resource!

Children are drawn to Magnets (no pun intended)

The pull of a magnetic force is irresistible to enquiring minds and this double sided Magnetic Wall does what it say, it draws children in.  So make the most of it, equip the board with numbers, letters and shapes and let the children enjoy science along with their numeracy and literacy skills development.

Beautiful resources add Value to Children's Learning

We have carefully considered every detail of this EGtoy™ and added galvanised metal wherever possible, even the catch tray is magnetic.  The mitered corners of the display area are cut to perfection for aesthetics and strength.  Children adore this board and often bring along their own magnets  to 'test it out'.  Just be sure to fleece little pockets at the end of the day for your magnets, as they are irresistible!

Physical Development

You would be forgiven in thinking there is no physical development involved with this EGToy™.  However manipulation of small letters and numbers exercise and strengthen those tiny muscles and tendons in the hand and forearm.  Pinching and pulling the magnets have a similar effect.  When children are squatting, kneeling, getting up or down to interact with the magnetic wall they are using their larger muscles which again should not be overlooked or undervalued.

What You can Expect from Us

A beautiful child centred resource which is formed around children's curiosity and development.  This resource gives a lot for it's money given its versatility and longevity.  This EGtoy™ is used daily in nurseries and primary schools throughout the UK and teachers tell us as well as being a firm favourite with the children, it is a fantastic teaching resource too.  And of course it's MADE with LOVE!

Unique Features

  • Absolutely exceptional build quality from only the finest wood and steel
  • Galvanised steel work area to stand up to all weathers 
  • Solid framework for strength and beauty
  • Galvanised steel mesh storage tray to hold all of your magnets, also allows rain to run through
  • A new learning zone every day
  • Ideal for group work outdoors
  • KUW and CLL never blended so well
  • Comes ready assembled and measures 99cm (l) x 87cm (h) x 50cm (d) and weighs 15kg

Your Buy Me Now price includes UK Mainland Delivery. If you live further afield give us a call to arrange alternative shipping. T. 01207 544867

Starter Tool Kit


We Value your Time

We understand you don't have a lot of time for gathering tools from various outlets. We have put together a Starter Tool Kit saving time and money £48.  You can only purchase the Starter Tool Kit when you order your Workbench.  Should you wish to purchase a Starter Tool Kit at any time other postal charges will have to be made.  

Inside the box you will receive:

  • 1 chubby crosshead screwdriver
  • 1 chubby flathead screwdriver
  • 1 chubby claw hammer
  • 1 pair thin nose pliers
  • 1 tenon saw
  • 1 spirit level
  • 1 steel rule
  • 2 sanding blocks
  • 2 joiners pencils
  • 1 pot of large head nails
  • 1 nail holder peg
  • 1 hand drill
  • 3 drill bits for wood
  • 1 pair safety goggles

Please note these are real tools and all children will need supervision at all times when exploring and using.

The EGToy™ Workbench from 339


What is an EGToy™ Workbench

It's creation, it's real life DIY, it's thinking, it's planning, it's building, cutting, hammering sawing,  it's risk management, it's just what little people want and need to do and it's just like the grown ups have, but smaller.

Children will always want one just like the grown ups

Such an exciting EGToy™. Our master craftsmen LOVED designing and building this little power house. We are confident your little carpenters and builders will feel very grown up using this fantastic workbench.  We can fit a vice or two should you wish. 

Beautiful resources add Value to Children's learning

Little folk will not harm this beautiful strong purpose built EGToy™. Your workbench will rapidly become the resource all children will want to explore.  It will sport nail marks with pride and be sawn smooth as can be.  The more injuries it takes, the better it will look. That said, the design detail includes form and function and makes a gorgeous centrepiece in any learning environment. 

Physical Development

Sanding, sawing, tacking, lifting, fixing, fetching, crunching and squashing not only develop strength and improve hand eye coordination, it builds confidence and promotes creativity.  Using real tools is  a must and forms part of children learning to manage risk and follow simple instruction.

What You can Expect from Us

As always we build to the quality we would expect to receive ourselves and our standards are extremely high.  At the point of ordering your workbench please note there are options to purchase a toolkit or have vices fitted.  We can only do this at the build stage. Even though this EGToy™ is purposed to a workbench, we know of schools who have used it as an artists bench and a craft station.  Value for money is always our core value. 

Unique Features

  • Beautifully routed and sanded for a stunning finish
  • Solid built bottom to store offcuts and half finished 'somethings'
  • Staggered double sides to allow greater versatility and use
  • Exclusive hand crafted central island to hold various tools, screws, nuts and bolts
  • Comes with 2 hand made bench hooks
  • Absolutely solid built to withstand the most dedicated carpenters and builders!
  • Arrives assembled and measures 120cm (l) x 45cm (h) x 66cm (d) and weighs approximately 24kgs
  • NO TOOLS NEEDED  apart from for the children! 

UK Mainland Shipping is included with your Buy Me Now price. If you are further afield please do get in touch and we will see what can be done.

The EGToy™ Giant Balancing Scales £179

Giant scales for outdoor mathematical play

What is a set of EGToy™ Giant Scales

It's fun, it's weighing, it's balancing, it's measuring, it's fascinating, it's mathematical exploration and language at its finest.  It is the first stages of exploring and understanding balance.  Keeping the grown ups off them is the trick!

Anything that can be Balanced should be Balanced, right?​

Children are naturally curious and fascinated with number, order and pattern. Numbers are just numbers until we introduce some context and application.  Our EGToy™ Giant Scales are a perfect resource to introduce that context, concept and relevance to their enquiring minds in a challenging and playful way.​

Beautiful resources Add Value to Children's Learning

We have designed and created a stunning looking set of balancing scales which stand proud in any playground or classroom.  The sizing and usability makes them a fantastic resource for developing mathematical concepts and language. Like all of our EGToys, MADE with LOVE.

Physical Development

Fetching 'things' to weigh, carrying treasures around in buckets, walking back and forth from one side of the Giant Scales to the other are all doing the job of getting our children physically active and helping them stay on the move.  Whether children are walking a plank, climbing a tree or building a tower, balance plays a key role.  Understanding balance is a fundamental concept and ways to explore its application should be experienced through play.  

What You can Expect from Us

A beautiful resource made for children by those who know how children learn. Whether children are trying to balance out  the weight of sticks, stones, sand, water, fir cones or mud, in their giant scales the process itself will bring about the right level of challenge and purpose as well as developing some beautiful mathematical language.  We know you are busy so we include 2 FREE collapsable buckets worth £10 with your Giant Scales.  Use our Set Up Guide to help set them up. 

Unique features

  • Sturdy and skilled construction from pressure treated timber
  • Hand crafted and designed to support fun learning including balancing and measuring concepts
  • Central vertical steel rule to introduce and support  number recognition and place value
  • A unique calibration gadget allows the scales to stay accurate even after the weather has brought about  changes to the wood
  • Rubber feet to promote longevity
  • Comes in 3 pieces which slide together and measure 140cm (w) x 100cm (h) x 50cm (d) weight 12kgs 

UK Mainland Shipping is included with your Buy Me Now price. If you are further afield please do get in touch and we will see what can be done.