Music and Words Early Years Toys

Music Wall £349

Music and sounds in early reading toys

Listening for and hearing sounds lie at the beginning of developing word formation and recognition.  Our Music Wall introduces hearing sounds in an enchanting way and looks beautiful too.

Book Hive™ £329

Reading in early years and school playgrounds

Developing a LOVE of reading happens in the early years and continues into adulthood. Having a Book Hive™ amongst your playground equipment demonstrates your commitment to establishing reading as an exciting essential culture.

Natural Materials

Natural woods do vary in colour and grain.

EGToys™ are rustic toys designed to be pummelled with dirt, rocks, mud and various ideas the children may have. Durability and longevity is key, and there will be variations in appearance. That said they will always be MADE with LOVE and look beautiful.

The EGToy™ Book Hive from £329

Outdoor Reading ideas

So what is an EGToy™ Book Hive™

It's a dandy little bee hive but without real bees.  It's an outdoor mini library, or writing closet, it's a must have for those who value reading, LOVE books and LOVE outdoors. Say 'Hello' to our beautiful little Book Hive™.  

Is it a Bee Hive? Nope, it does have Bees on it though!

This unique innovative concept of creating an outdoor library came upon us with help and input from teachers in our local community. We are all thrilled with the results.  Our Book Hives™ have buzzed their way across so many playgrounds already, they really are a statement of valuing reading and writing.

Beautiful resources add Value to Children's Learning

Built to look like a traditional bee hive, we have used beautiful woods and a little imagination to ensure this outdoor library is practical as well as being a thing of great beauty in any playground, garden or communal area.  We have heard one or two have been painted!

A LOVE of Books begins in the Early Years.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than working with local settings and agreeing designs which will delight children and not blow the budget.  Outdoor reading or writing should be encouraged in every setting.  Many children LOVE to use their time outdoors to get stuck in to a book or  reading with their friends.  Our outdoor library or Book Hive™ as we have named it brings  literacy opportunities to parts of the playground where books wouldn't normally reach. 

What You can Expect from Us

An outstanding resource MADE with LOVE  and a heart to see children enjoying books.  Our Book Hive™ is designed to stay outdoors and will weather well. If your books are very precious we do recommend you bring them indoors during seriously bad weather. We can fit castors at the point of ordering should you choose that option. 

Unique Features

  • Unique wooden design crafted to capture the style of an old fashioned beehive
  • Solid sturdy framework oiled to enhance natural wood grain or coloured to add a little more fun
  • Oodles of storage for library books or writing materials
  • Low centre of gravity but high enough from the ground to not get wet 
  • Rubber feet to promote longevity
  • Look out for the little busy bees, we promise they won't sting 
  • Colour finishes available 
  • Comes ready assembled and measures 100cm (h) x 69cm (w) x 49cm (d)

UK Mainland Shipping is included with your Buy Me Now price. If you are further afield please do get in touch and we will see what can be done.

The EGToy™ Music Wall from £349

Music and Sound in Early Years

What is an EGToy™ Music Wall

It's sight and sound, it's colour and expression, it's musical notes and more.  The freedom to explore sound and movement is the bedrock of communication.  This colourful menagerie of sound making equipment is perfect for little hands and ears.

Let's Make some Noise

Children LOVE noise, LOVE musical instruments and LOVE being outdoors. What's not to like with this beautiful Music Wall!  When we hatched this EGToy™ we wanted to encourage creativity, support sound recognition and help children develop an innate ability to listen out for sounds. We think we managed it.

Beautiful Resources add Value to Children's Learning

We have taken so much care to source our instruments to make this EGToy™ look inviting and work for small groups of children as well as just the one.  All of the woods are treated and smoothed off and the instruments have links with  different parts of the world. 

Physical Development

With all that shaking, beating, jigging, jumping and dancing the physical development just flows, the trick will be keeping the children still. But that's what children need at times, just the freedom to explore, let off some steam and create sound in a noise like fashion.  There is an option for calm sounds too, from tinkling bells to the gentle tapping of wooden sticks.  We could issue ear plugs for the grown ups on request! 

What You can Expect from Us

A unique resource, MADE with LOVE,  with the development processes of children at the forefront of our minds. We regularly review and revise our EGToys to ensure our range of resources remain current and excellent value for money.  The feedback given to us by teaching staff with this EGToy™ leads us to believe ours is the cutest, most well thought out Music Wall available.  Again these are our wonderful customers words.

Unique Features

  • Ergonomically designed frame to hold musical instruments in key note order
  • Tuned Boom Whackers to excite little people as they listen for the changing notes 
  • A fine steel pan fixed to the lower part of the Music Wall to get your little ones moving up and down
  • Pressure treated wood, dovetail joints and a solid base ensure a solid rock build
  • We've included Tibetan cymbals, jingle sticks and maracas to introduce some curiosity and KUW
  • Available in 2 widths (5 Boomwhakers wide or 8 Boomwhakers wide)
  • Comes ready assembled the smaller music wall measures 100cm (l) x 90cm (h) x 40cm (d) the larger with 8 Boomwhakers is 140 cm (l)

UK Mainland Shipping is included with your Buy Me Now price. If you are further afield please do get in touch and we will see what can be done.