Science and Nature EGToys™

Potion Lab £349

Science and potions in early years toys

Whether children want to be little wizards or scientists this is the place to try their hand.  Busy wizzy hands are LEARNING hands.

Discovery Table £205

Nature table ideas

Children just LOVE this beautiful gathering place where they can bring their bounty to share and hide for another day.

Bird & Wildlife Lookout £695

Children's bird hide

Creating a space for children to be at one with nature is a statement of valuing nature, children need nature more than ever.

Natural Materials

Natural woods do vary in colour and grain.

EGToys™ are rustic toys designed to be pummelled with dirt, rocks, mud and various ideas the children may have. Durability and longevity is key, and there will be variations in appearance. That said they will always be MADE with LOVE and look beautiful.

The EGToy™ Potion Lab £349


What is an EGToy™ Potion Lab

It's science, it's creating, it's mixing and measuring, it's making potions it's cause and effect. Every child wants to feel like a scientist or a wizard, it's how they access the world of Knowledge and Understanding. 

Knowledge is Stretched through an Inquisitive Mind

Whether mixing colours, ingredients, potions or gloop your little ones are exploring cause and effect.  The learning experience and potential involved in this style of play is limitless. Introduce a magnifying glass, some scales and a set of goggles to this Potion Lab and watch the children instantly become little scientists.  Who knows you may have the next Einstein in your midst.

Beautiful Resources add Value to Children's Learning

'A thing of beauty is a joy forever', said Mary Poppins and we agree. When children are presented with good quality, well designed and presented resources  the moment becomes an invitation and provocation to PLAY.  Bet you can remember making rose petal perfume!

Physical Development

Squeezing pipettes, filling and emptying vessels, scooping and pouring with measuring cups are discrete but concrete methods of developing the 25 muscles  needed for writing. We truly believe that all activity is a win over no activity and children will rise to being outdoors and making the very best of resources on offer to them. 

What You can Expect from Us

A delightful resource MADE with LOVE.  Once you open your beautifully built Potion lab you will see how easy it is to slide the 2 pieces together forming a sturdy structure without the need for tools. However we do provide a coach bolt which can be easily slotted in the back for additional piece of mind.  Use our handy guide below.

Unique Features

  • Pre drilled test tube holders for little hands 
  • Comes with 6 plastic test tubes which fit snuggly inside one of two hand made racks
  • Replaceable and removable 'science sinks' with lids for hiding or storing equipment
  • Comes with 2 fitted whiteboards for mark making opportunities
  • Unique routed and sized measuring spoon rack adds mathematical context 
  • Steel measuring cups and spoons come with the lab
  • pipettes, bottle brush, magnifying glass and goggles come with the lab
  • Invaluable storage and supplies shelf
  • Your potion lab arrives in 2 parts and measures 100cm (w) x 90cm (h) x 50cm (d) worktop height 45cm

Your Buy Me Now price includes UK Mainland Delivery. If you live further afield give us a call to arrange alternative shipping. T. 01207 544867

The EGToy™ Discovery Table £205


What is an EGToy™ Discovery Table

It's social, it's Knowledge and Understanding. it's secret, it's investigation, it's discussion, it's a place where real discovery takes place. 

Is there a child who doesn't like to Hide or Discover things?​

In the early days we would see children looking underneath our Play Table. When we asked them what they were looking for, they told us 'secret treasure'.  As with most children treasure is often an acorn, stone, pebble, shell or a very special leaf (sometimes a hair bobble!).  We advanced our table and created an inlay compartment, viola, the Discovery Table was hatched.

Beautiful resources adds Value to Children's learning

When designing this EGToy™ the brief included keeping it's beauty, whilst protecting it from standing water damage.  We included ventilation and soak away in our design ensuring the Discovery Table is always a beautiful place to gather around and investigate nature.  

Getting Children excited about Nature

Nature is where deep connections are made.  The more children interact with nature, the more they will develop a love for the natural world. Just see their face when a snail leaves a magical silver message.  Use your Discovery Table as a base where children can go from and forage then bring their bounty back to share with others. 

What You can Expect from Us

Quite simply a beautiful resource built to exceptional standards which will delight adult and child alike.  We can offer a choice of finishes including the exclusive art of burnishing wood.

Unique Features

  • Pressure treated Redwood supports longevity 
  • Invaluable lower storage shelving adds strength and beauty to the design
  • A ventilated hidden compartment to store today's treasures
  • Gaps in the compartment means rain water will flow through without harming the Discovery Table
  • Hand carved and sanded handle for smooth lifting
  • Sunken hinges ensure nothing protrudes or spoils the form and function of the Nature Hide
  • Comes ready assembled and ​measures 100cm x 60cm x 45cm (h)

Your Buy Me Now price includes UK Mainland Delivery. If you live further afield give us a call to arrange alternative shipping. T. 01207 544867

The EGToy™ Bird & Wildlife Lookout £695*


What is an EGToy™ Bird & Wildlife Lookout

It is a statement of valuing our natural world and the education that can come from your local environment. It's peaceful yet exciting and helps bring children back in line with nature.

Children LOVE their very own Spaces

And this is their very own space, being outside in nature watching out for the next creature moving is exhilarating.   The little people who commissioned this Lookout have spent hours and hours with their binoculars and clip charts. The Hide is used widely by the whole school community and there is always a waiting list.

Peaceful Learning

There are very few opportunities where listening and waiting form part of a lesson or activity, this is why we believe every setting and all children should have something this peaceful within their environment.

What you can Expect from Us

An exceptional service and product, We will listen to your needs and make sure your Hide arrives in 5 solid pieces ready to screw together, we will provide all of the screws  as well as the roofing felt and fastenings.  All you will have to do is add children.

Unique Features

  • A gorgeous design which will enhance any area
  • Solid wood side panels designed to fit together
  • Plenty spy windows at heights to suit all ages
  • Roof panel
  • Solid floor
  • Roofing felt and pins
  • Camouflage netting
  • Screws and instruction sheet
  • Please note there is a 4 - 6 week waiting time on this item

*Please note this a palletised item and your BUY ME NOW price does NOT include delivery. Please contact us before placing your order, thank you.  T. 01207 544867