Terms and Conditions

Keeping everyone in the loop

These are our Terms and Conditions,  we keep them in a simple format to ensure everyone knows where they are at.

Our terms and conditions outline how we supply products to you, whether these are goods, services or digital content. Please read these terms carefully before you submit an order with us.  If you disagree with our Terms and Conditions please do not place you order with us.

​Information and Contact

1. We are Evergreen Outdoor Education we design and build unique EGToys™. We are a family run business and use the term 'we' to refer to us throughout out our Terms.

1.1 We have various media platforms and can be contacted primarily by telephone 01207 544867  or email info@evergreenoutdooreducation.com


Our Contract

2.  We are committed to provide you with any order which you place and pay for via the safe methods used on our website or those outlined on our invoices.  Evergreen reserve the exclusive right to issue a refund for any order without explanation.

2.1  Items on our web site are a fixed price, therefore the price you see is the price you pay.  Palletised items do carry additional delivery charges.

2.2  Bespoke orders we treat differently as the costs can be difficult to predict especially with many items being a 'one off'.  We will always do our best to give you as much information as possible and agree a price before any bespoke order is accepted or produced.

2.3  Items on the website are priced to ship within UK Mainland* only - see Section 5.

Our Products

3.  All our products are hand made and complete 'one offs'.  We make every attempt to replicate your product as close to the one used for photography. Wood is a live material and is subject to change, it moves, changes colour expands, cracks, shrinks and breaths.  If. changes in the wood creates a disfuntion, we will be happy to replace any part where this may occur.  Wood can sometimes 'appear fluffy' but is in no way dangerous, please be assured your wood is sanded.

3.1  All our products are built to our own personal exceptional standards - in the unlikely event of a fault please contact us immediately.   Please send us photographs of what you believe to be a fault and be assured we will address your concerns in a solution focussed manner.

3.2  Our measurements on the website are accurate so please make sure your resource is going to fit before ordering.

3.3 . All our resources should be used with adult supervision and Evergreen Outdoor Education accept no liability for accidents or incidents  around our resources.  We supply products only and it is the customers responsibility to oversee their use.

3.3  We do not accept returns as our items are bespoke. 


4.  We reserve the right to make slight variations to our products, this may include fixings and updates to the design, rest assured no changes will effect functionality.


5.   All items are priced on our website include UK Mainland delivery -  please contact us to secure a price for outside UK Mainland or across any stretches of water or journeys which involve toll charges* before placing your order. 

5.1 All items are packaged in accordance with courier guidance when collected from our workshops.

5.2 All items carry a standard of £20 insurance and all couriers offer additional insurance - YOU MUST INFORM US at the time of ordering if you wish to purchase additional insurance - the customer is responsible for the additional insurance cost.

5.3 Evergreen Outdoor Education accept no liability for any items damaged in transit. The risk of loss and damage for all merchandise ordered through us passes to you the customer when the merchandise is handed to the shipping carrier.

5.4 All items have a unique tracking ID number which we will pass on to you at your request.

5.5 If there is a delay on the order through circumstances beyond our control we will keep you informed of this.

5.6 All items are available for collection from our workshops by prior mutual agreement or by your own chosen courier.

5.7 On occasion and prior to mutual agreement Evergreen Outdoor Education may arrange to deliver for an agreed fee. In all delivery cases the product becomes yours from delivery.

5.8 A product will be your responsibility and your product from the time the courier delivers the product to the address you gave us or you have collected your item(s) from us or we have delivered to you.​​

​5.9 If a product arrives damaged please inform us immediately and send photographs.  We will support a complaint with the couriers on the customers behalf.

5.10 As our resources are hand built to order we do not accept returns, however we do reserve the right to allow a return in exceptional circumstances, if such a case arose the customer must cover the return courier fee.

Your Information

6. How we use your personal information:
We will use the personal information you provide to us:

6.1 to supply your products

6.2 to process payment

6.3 we will never pass your information on to third parties